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Real Estate Attorney in New York, NY

At the Law Offices of John Chang, we're dedicated to helping clients in their legal matters. Mr. Chang is licensed to practice law in both New York and New Jersey, and he has more than 30 years of experience providing quality representation to his numerous clients.

We're able to provide the type of skilled representation expected from large law firms but at the price of a smaller firm. Mr. Chang's work as a real estate attorney involves helping his clients with residential, industrial and complex commercial transactions. He not only handles restate but he also handles civil litigation matters, personal injury, wills, probate as well as administration of estates and immigration.

Mr. Chang's work as an immigration attorney allows him to assist his clients with obtaining needed visas for several different purposes. He assists clients with their family preference visas, political asylum matters and EB-5 investment visas. Mr. Chang also represents buyers, sellers, developers and lenders for co-op, condo, residential, mixed-use and commercial properties.

As a business and restaurant attorney, Mr. Chang provides the representation needed to resolve a broad range of business issues. He is devoted to helping his clients be as protected as they can be in their businesses. He brings 10 years of experience serving as an Administrative Law Judge for the Administrative Tribunal of the New York City Department of Mental Health and Hygiene, providing him with additional insight he can pass on to his clients. Mr. Chang also consults and negotiates commercial real estate leases for his clients. Our law office is located at 401 Broadway, Suite 605 in New York, and you can reach us by calling (212) 925-1937 or emailing
Farley W.
Northport, NY
"I hired Mr . Chang for a closing on one of my commercial properties. He was beyond professional. I was so pleased that I retained his services in my divorce and will making as well. I recommend Mr. Chang as an experienced and knowledgeable attorney for various legal representation . His staff was very helpful in his absence and professional. I am looking forward to his representation in all my future legal matters Farley Wald."
Rory G.
Brooklyn, NY
"John Chang is the finest real estate attorney in NYC! he's extremely knowledgeable and has a great staff! Rory Gage."
"John Chang is the best real estate attorney in Manhattan! he is extremely detail oriented and has a terrific staff- Rory Gage."
Ian P.
Manhattan, NY
"If you are purchasing a home in New York City that has one or more housing subsidies involved, there may not be a better lawyer in the city to handle all the ins and outs and hurdles involved in this type of purchase. He knows more about these details and how it affects the buyer and even the seller than I would imagine anyone else would. Even when it appeared as though we might lose our deal and deposit because of one of the attorneys involved, John and his staff worked vigorously to keep the deal alive and satisfy all parties."
Andrew T.
Brooklyn, NY
"I used the services of John Chang and I must say they did an excellent job. I value that he took the time to consult with me at my restaurant and that they seemed to prepare my case properly. The result was that they were able to improve the grade for our restaurant from a B to and A. In addition I was given valuable advice on how to prevent other violations in the future.

Thank you again!"
Wayne L.
Seattle, WA
"I was recommend to the Law Offices for closing my cooperative apartment. John has practiced in the New York Metropolitain Area for over 15 years. The closing went well and I would use their services again."
Ky S.
Brooklyn, NY
"John represented me on purchasing my first co-op.

He sat down with us for 2 hours for our initial meeting, and explained to us how the process works, how the HPD program works, etc. in a way a first home buyer like us understood. He knows developers, sales office people, and bank people all around nyc, and he is very knowledgable about all aspects of real estate matters!

We are happy now, living in a new home. I'd recommend John's service."
Caroline C.
4/24/2014 Updated review
"John helped me close on my house purchase recently and presented a way for me and the seller to save money on our respective mortgage and transfer taxes. We both saved thousands of dollars on the transaction. John and his staff made sure everything went very smoothly. Not only was I well protected with the contract, but I saved a lot of money thanks to the Law Offices of John Chang! Thanks John. I will recommend you to all my friends."